The Ultimate Alcoholic Ice Cream


Here at Tipsy Cow we have re-invented alcoholic ice cream. We are making it stronger, smoother & tastier than ever before. Using liquid nitrogen we freeze ice creams & sorbets in seconds. 


We are a mobile events company, based in Nottingham & covering the entire UK. We have an exciting product, made & served from a vintage horse trailer. 


Proudly supported by the Prince's Trust, a charity that helps & supports young people as well as offering life changing opportunities in jobs, education, training & business. They host fundraising events from bike rides to concerts up & down the country. Its great to have them on our side.

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Our vintage horse trailer really makes heads turn. A beautifully designed, rolling ice cream lab brings a touch of luxury to any event. 

 Liquid Nitrogen is -196 celsius allowing us to pack in the alcohol & still be able to freeze it.  Using liquid nitrogen doesn't allow ice crystals to form, really enhancing the flavour & texture. All this and it creates a great show for your guests. 

We hand-whisk every order. We wanted to created to best ice cream around & this allows less air in than an electric mixer, making our ice cream even smoother.

Our vintage horse trailer will make heads turn. Completely rebuilt, our rolling ice cream lab has been designed with luxury in mind. Every detail being meticulously finished. 

We know how hard it can be to get everything perfect. We work with you to make sure your day is all the more special as well as offering numbers easy to personalise any occasion to add that individual touch.

Every ice cream we serve is frozen to order, allowing you to watch us build it from scratch & freeze it right in front of you. This allows us to serve non-alcoholic variations where appropriate.



We offer a tasty range of both ice creams & sorbets so you can pick your favourite. Even though we are an alcoholic ice cream company our process of freezing to order allows us to simply not add the alcohol. There are always options for those who are too young, driving or simply don't drink. 

Choose how we serve it! From custom ice cream pots to cocktail glasses, chocolate sauce to gold sprinkles you are in control. 

Is Liquid Nitrogen Safe?

Yes. Liquid nitrogen evaporates as it leaves the tap so will never make it into the ice cream. ​

Whilst liquid nitrogen has to be handled carefully our 'Freezian' technicians will always be on hand to answer any questions & ensure the safety of all guests. 

Have a favourite drink? We can develop it for you! If you really want to stand out why not have a custom flavour? Designed, developed & named for you, it is a great addition to your perfect day. 


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All our alcoholic ice creams contain a large amount of alcohol & should be enjoyed responsibly.

Please do not lick & drive. 



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